Monday, March 10, 2008

Clip it up ideas

OK so right now clip it up is real big, but I have seen some really cool alternatives to it, so I thought I'd post pics and links to some other ways to get the same thing.

This one is from HeatherR's room. She used a dish towels dryer, one that hooks under your sink. Great idea.

This one is by Tallynt from SISTV. She just used an IKEA kitchen unit.

This is in bmwgirl1's scrap room. Great idea and it holds alot too.

Here is KristinH's

Oh and this is my fav not only did she use it for her clip it up system she put spools of ribbon on it too. She just used a thin curtain rod. Can't get any cheaper than that.
Well if you have an idea and would like me to share it please post a link in the comment. I'd love to share it.

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Rebecca said...

I love how you are sharing so many great storage ideas with us! I'd love to try some of these ideas in the {almost} scrap space I'm trying to create.