Monday, March 03, 2008

Chili Sour Cream Bake

2 lb ground beef
2 15oz. cans chili beans, drained
32oz. Pace picante souce
2 C. shredded cheese
2 T. minced onion
12 oz. fritos
2 C. sour cream
1 C. Shredded cheese for garnish

Brown beef, drain fat, add onion. Stir in beans, sause, 2 C. cheese, and all but 2 C of crushed fritos. Turn into a greased cadderole dish and bake, covered at 375 for 30 min.

Take casserole our of oven. Spoon sour cream on the casserole, sprinkle with 1 . cheese, and put reserved chips around the edge of the casserole. Bake uncovered another 5 minutes.


Carrie said...

Hi just seeing how you r? I'm not genna be able to make it to the bday crop my hubby will be outta town but maybe we can get together that week.

Kimi said...

you need to get on ehere and say how you liked the recipes you post.

Kimi said...

oh yeah. did you see jimmy kimmels response to sara's "f*cking matt damon video". find it on youtube or you can see it on too. soooo funny. let me know when you see it.