Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Dani...

Wow yesterday and today have been so wonderful outside, sunny and slighlty warm. We aren't in spring weather yet, but I can feel it making its way.
Well we have had a busy week, lets see if I can remember everything we have done.
Wednesday night my sister and her family got here from their long drive from San Diego, CA. My sister's DH is being transfered up here, he's in the navy. I am so excited to get another one of my sister's back close to me, I love them all so much.
So then I worked Thursday from 10-3 and everyone helped my sister's family unpack the big UHaul truck, hehe so glad I got out of that. Then Derek and I went out to dinner with her family to a buffet (our hubby's like to eat alot).
Let's see Friday, I got my son, Colton, in the morning and then got my DH and wyatt's haircut, then again meet my sister and family for lunch and we all went to target and looked around. We then headed back to there house and hung out all night. We got Safeway chinese for dinner.
Oh then Sat., umm not much happened, I worked from 1-6, then stayed after for an hour or so during the store's crop and made a easter box to put on display a the store. My sister Dani showed up so i left with her and went back to her house, were my DH and kids were.
Then on Sunday we stayed home all morning and hung out. Then around 3 we; my sister Jen and her family, Dani and her family, my parent's and our family, all drove to Tacoma to a great BBQ restaraunt, Famous Dave's, for my sister, Dani's 31st birthday dinner. Man we had 15 people and my whole family wasn't even all there, if we all were there there would have been 9 more there, wow that's alot of people.
So then today Wyatt and ihave just been hanging out, we did go to Walmart with my sister, Dani, and then back to her house to eat lunch and now we are back home, I am supposed to be doing house work, but decided that I wanted to post a blog today about what we have been doing. So I guess I should go and get some laundry done and change our sheets.
Have a great day!


SpAzzGiRL said...

sounds exhausting (but fun)!

inara said...

crazy busy life!!!

Beth said...

WWWAAAHHHH!!!!!! You suck. You seriously suck. :*( That's me crying...