Sunday, February 10, 2008

Check out this mess

Man I really need to get with it and clean and organize my scrap space. I have been doing alot of crafts and not alot of layouts, but that needs to change now that I am working at the scrap store, I need to be able to hang some stuff up at the store.
So below is my mess, I do have some baskets on the shelf for big stuff, like stamps, ink, punches, tape, etc, but I think I need a few more of them and may need to turn them sideways to fit several more.
I am finding also thatI need to use up stuff I have, that pink bag is some stuff I just bought last week and I haven't even pulled it out of the bag. I have alot of paper and need to use it up because i already need to buy another paper holder, one of these cropper hopper things. I bought one several months ago, but yes now I need another one.I really wish I just had more space, but I guess som eis better than none.
I would love to see pics of your scrap space, mess or clean and see what you do with it all. So just leave me a link in the comments.


Lisa said...

Oh gosh, if that's messy.. I don't know what I have.. a disaster? lol! Looks like a bomb went off over here! I know what you mean about using up old product before you buy new stuff.. but sometimes, ya just can't help yourself :)

jconnair said...

Mine doesn't look bad simply because I don't have a real scraproom--just my dining room, so I have to keep it neat. But I do agree with you on using up the paper. I have too much stash and not enough actual layouts to show for the bucks I spent!!!

Heather said...

happy monday to you! (is that an oxymoron?)

my scrap space is pretty messy now too. but, i haven't taken pics of my "new" space at all. dh built me a space of my own in the mudroom last fall and i've never photographed it. i'll put it on my list. :)

hope you have a great week!

Lori said...

I don't think you want to see a photo of my disaster!!!! Girl, yours looks good!!

Mine is in the basement, so I tend to let it get completely trashed before I do anything about it!!

Have a great week!

Kimi said...

That's about what mine lookes like, except you have better (read cuter) storage stuff than I do. Love all the baskets and jars. I'm so jealous you're at the Zone. One, cuz you're working at a scrap sotre but more than like 3 doors down from Austin Chase. Mmmmm. Can't wait to get there.

a.l. clark said...

I agree with Kimi, I do not have all the nice storage that you have. My space is kind of blah, but it works and I have a great view, so its not too bad.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I'm sure you've seen the video of my crap room but it is even messier now...disaster area.
Yours doesn't look that bad, at least it's contained. LOL

Betsy said...

I WISH I had a craft/scrap space!! Count your blessings!! :)
Love Betsy

Debbi said...

Not so messy. I would show you mine but it's all packed up to move.

Greta said...

oh wow!!! i am too ashamed of putting my space is so messy it looks like WW3!!!


Carrie said...

Your space is awesome. I can't wait to have more room!