Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday life.....

So it is time to start getting my butt in gear. Seriuosly I have been saying forever that I want to start working out, but I never do. Ok I do it one day and that's it -I hate to say. But my DH and I are taking a cruise in December. And I am so fat that I don't fit in my fat jeans. AAAHHHHH! Not sure how much I actually weigh, but I know it is at least 135-140, my usual, happy, my clothes all fit, weight is 125. Plus I have to wear a swimsuit on the cruise, hello margaritas by the pool.
So to get going and keeping with my need a TO DO list to get anything done attitude I made this excercise journal. I haven't made a cover yet, but when I do I will post it. I'm thinking tropical to keep me motivated. I made this on my computer and I think it will work out good for me. Just really really need to keep with it. So please keep up the encouraging -please -please help me. Don't really want to be fat on a cruise and have nothing to wear but my DH jeans. (OH and I made this with my new Zutter Bind it all, love it.)
Let's see what else well we had all the boys this weekend. Wyatt loved it. More people to play with him. They had a few issues here and there, but it wasn't that bad. So this is my sunday life. what has happened and what hopefully will happen.


Danielle said...

i wish i was up there so we could work out together or you lived down here cuz we have a cool gym at the 'clubhouse' thing; treadmill, eliptical machine, weight machines...and its all free! i know im stupid to not take advantage of it!

Kimi said...

love the pic of the boys. rye really misses colton.