Tuesday, September 25, 2007

**UPDATED- my to dos

I decided to do this list online so maybe I would stay with it. Hope you all get through your to do lists this week too.

Alot done so far
make 20 moo cards for candy
redo my six christmas cards for swap i'm in and mail
Bday card for glory
clean out scrap drawers
stuff to jens house
dishes for the day
wash/dry D's work clothes
grocery shopping

Still to do
regular house cleaning
done, didn't work we stayed the same- ? switch rooms w/ boys
done- change/ make all beds
clean bathroom
done and did blankets also- wash sheets & towels
done- Colton soccer(thurs)
done- reconcile C.Steels credit card
reconcile my check book
Pick up boys 600 pm (fri.)
Scrapbooking challenges- OLW & This is me


Tina said...

oh, the dreaded to do list.
i'm terrible at keeping them.
good luck with yours!
have a great week and thanks for the comment ;)

btw, your food pics are making me hungry.

Mike said...

Good luck on your list.

First time here. Hope you don't mind.



Jenn said...

that's alot cards... and good luck on your list..

scrapmojo said...

Yipee!!!! I see it and in goes your name!!! BTW Im so glad you found us...I will be visiting ur recipe blog a lot! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

Christine Rockwell said...

Hope your online list making helped you, maybe I'll try that next, seems like I end up making lists of lists and I should list list-making on my to-do list! hehe - try making sense out of THAT ;-)