Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not to much going on.. Just checkin in

Not that there are many people who read this, but I thought I'd write down for those of who do what is going on right now at our house. It's 7:49am and Wyatt has been up siince 6:30, which of course means so have I. I was hoping to sleep in today, but he wasnt having it.
Now he is freaking out about wanting a Baba (bottle), not sure why it isn't like he gets it during the day, but sometimes he just gets so crazy about wanting one. Well that was good he just took a cup instead without a major blow up.
So this weekend is pretty full with stuff to do. Today we are helping set up for a baby shower that I am helping give tomorrow. Now you might say how much do you need to set up, well this shower is a Couples outside BBQ. We have 70 guest coming and 16 couples that still have not rsvp'd. Since it is outside we are helping Ginny (the owner of the house it is being given at) do a little outside work, you know mowing, weeding, and getting the tables up. Then a little Costco trip for some of the stuff we haven't gotten yet. Know the nice thing about this shower is there will be no baby shower games, the mom isn't into that kind of stuff. Which is ok by me less to plan. Then on Sunday is the shower. I hope it goes ok. We are only serving Fish, hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and chips we are having everyone else bring a potluck dish. We did this since there are so many people coming, to much for us to try to feed. The weather is supposed to be good and get even better through the week, which will be nice for the fourth of July (not that we have anything planned).
I also am trying to plan my menu for this next week. Safeway had some great deals on meat so I already have things bought just need to plan around that, which is hard for me, I like to do it the other way around, alot easier for me. The weather is supposed to be great this week, high 70s low 80s, so i think we will be BBQing alot. We don't have anything planned for the 4th, but i am sure that will be a grill day also.
Ok well Wyatt is trying to climb on the back of my chair and it is starting to bother me so I should go and see what he needs, hope you all have a great weekend. I sure will try to.

PS> Mike and Amy I hope your Open house goes well. Congrats agian.

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