Thursday, February 22, 2007

Join us on our journey to buying a home.

Well we looked at a few houses today. Nothing to promising, actually they were both dumps. The first had great land and neighbors, but to much work needed to be done inside.
The second well lets just say Amittyville would have been a better house. You drove past trashy mobile home park , up this one lane road over railroad tracks and when you pulled up to the house it was like, well lets just say the house had no windows they were either broken or boardered up. The kitchen was huge, but what was left in it was powder blue. The floor was like walking on the ocean is was so uneven. Then you walked outside and it looked ok till the trees stopped blocking your view and you saw the power station off to the left and the power towers on either side of the house 20 feet away. It was scary and also need even more work then the house before.
But no fear I am driving by 5 or 6 more tomorrow that didn't seem to bad from the pics. So I will let you know tomorrow how it goes.

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Beth said...

Oh my goodness. Was one of those the house out in Belfair?