Monday, February 26, 2007

Buying a house - The process.

Well we went and looked at the house on Illahee yesterday, it was our first choice house (yellow one). Our friend and contractor, Tom, went and inspected it for us while we were there. Now this house isn't perfect and it needs some work, but it is such a cute and charming house. It has so much potential and we can't wait to get to work on it. While there our realtor called the selling agent and found out there was another offer on the house, our hearts dropped, but if we could beat their offer we could purchase it. The asking price is $175,00 so we were fine with it, but will pay no more than that though. First reason is to much does have to be done to the house so it isn't worth more than than and second we can't afford anymore of a payment than that.
So today our agent is putting in an offer and we should know by end of today if she accepts, then the loan paper work will begin. Then we also can get going on getting an inspection done to make sure the house is worth buying, making sure there are no problems.
I can't belive how much money, time, and sweat goes into buying a house. I will be prepared next time. We don't plan on staying in this one forever, 2-5 years. Once it is fixed up and I can get a job (once Wyatt starts school) then we will upgrade. Well that is all that is going on now. I am copying some paper work and waiting to receive our 06 tax returns so I can fax them to the broker, then we will be on our way, YEA! Pray for us that all goes ok and this will go through.

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