Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's on your brain?

So right now I have alot going through my mind. This is a busy time of year, I do 3 parties, Couples bike ride to ocean, Easter and Spring break. I have checked a few things off, but still have alot to do and think about.
-Start working on Wyatt's 7th Party
-Pack for this weekend's bike trip (and make sure everything for kids an dogs are in order)
-Finish Organizing for my Crop I am hosting on March 31 (food, drinks, shop)
-Boys here for Spring break (and with 3 teenagers going to be here time to Costco shop)
-Possible trip to Portland for the day (april 14) for Derek's birthday
-Decorate for Easter/Spring
-Monday- Wyatt has a Reading Olympics Medal Ceremony, Dentist at 330p and half day
-Date with my sister on Wenesday
-Clean 2 places this week
-Niz's Strawberry Shortcake Party
-gift for St. Patty's day

I feel like there is more and I am missing something, but I will just add it later if I think about it.

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