Saturday, December 18, 2010

I would love to be like you

Have you ever just wanted to be like someone else. Now don't get me wrong I love who I am, but I would love to...

dress, Decorate my house and be as cute as Serena from Farm Chicks.

scrapbook and be brave enough to hunt (yes hunt, Derek would love that) like Megan K.

have a cute scrapbook line like Elizabeth K.

Would love to be as busy and clean as well as the Merry Maids.

give great Organizational tips on my blog like her.

look as good in tattoos and dress like Kimi (my sister)

be as crunchy as my sister, Beth.

cook as well as The Pioneer Woman as often as she does.

be as thrifty and as Collin from Hip2Save.

I just look at these people and am like I wish I was more like them. Do you ever feel like that. Like you could be doing more. hmmm thanks for listening and I really hope to be on here more come the new year.

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