Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Change means Organizing

I love that my blog can be my soap box and journal at the same time.

So sad that summer is almost over. Lots of changes gonna happen in the next few weeks. Yes I know change always happens and can be good, but doesn't mean i have to like it. Change can be scary and I have never liked it, even had problems as a kid with it.
Funny thing is when it does all happen and we get in the swing of things I know I will love it, but thinking about it scares me.

Wyatt will be starting all day kindergarten on Sept.1. I am a little scared for him, that is a long day for a kid that age, i think. Plus he is a grazer when it comes to eating and seems to do better attitude wise when he does eat like this and am a little worried about it.

Also with Wyatt being gone all day I don't have enough here to keep me busy, so I will be getting a part time job. I probably could find enough to keep me busy. I will still be doing all the house chores (Derek's job is to hard, long and stressful for him to be any help), volunteering at Wyatt's school and wanting to help out more at the church (I did sign up to help teach his Sunday school class once a month). The job will just part time so I will be able to be home when Wyatt gets home. That was very important to me, being the first person he talks to after school. Man I am going to be one busy lady. A stay at home mom in one sense and a working mom in the other. I guess only if you can consider 15-20 hours or so a week working.

So any way I know with the grace from god I can and will make it through all these changes and one way I do this is by organizing. Not sure why, but it always helps me cope with change. So I am now starting on a Command Central on my fridge. It will have our calendar, school calender, menu, and any invites. I did kind of have this before just with out all the calendars. Post finished pics later.

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Rebecca said...

i hope the new schedule goes well for you both. i was nervous about kindergarten for the same reasons. i'm sure you'll both love it.