Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun

Wow I haven't been on here in forever, I think it is because it is so much easier to upload pics to facebook for everyone to see. I will try to be better though.

We are having the best busy summer so far. Wyatt told me the other day that 'I am the best mom and he was having a fun summer'. Him noticing and having fun makes it all worth it.

We have-

seen a movie
gone to the zoo twice
been to the beach twice (once with his brothers)
gone to a movie with his brothers
been to the fountain park
played on the slip n slide
gone to the park
played miniture golf
We have had lots of BBQs with friends
Scrapbooked at a crop
Went to a fun 4th of July party and watched fireworks
I got to go on a bike ride wiht Derek and friends (loved it)
We are now just hanging out with my sister and their kids


Seattle Zoo
See Toys Story 3 with wyatt
more zoo trips to tacoma
Drive In
Over night bike trip with Derek
We still need to go out on the boat
Wyatt wants to campout in the backyard one night
love to get girls together for a day of scrapping
camping trip on east side so boys can go
And lots more fun adventures with our friends

This is want I wanted summer to be like, no sitting around in the house to much, no hearing I am bored. Which of course still happens on the days we don't do anything because we are so worn out, LOL.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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