Monday, June 14, 2010

Playdate #2

Last week Wyatt and I joined the Ormond family at Scenic Beach in Seabeck. It wasn't as warm as we hoped it was gonna be, but the kids had alot of fun digging in the sand/rocks.
We actually stopped and picked up our friend Summer and brought her too so she wouldn't have to spend the day in day care. She was very happy.This is a log cabin they have down there that the kids can play in. We also let them play at the park for a few minutes too. All in all it was a good play date.
Last week was actually pretty busy for us, Wyatt had three play dates that week. Monday he went to his friend Connors house, Wednesday the beach and Summer came back to play the rest of the day, then Thursday we watched his friend Ethan for the afternoon. Wyatt loved every minute of it all.

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