Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Birthday Planning

Well only 3 1/2 weeks left to the party and still alot to do. I have to get the invites out this weekend, just have to wait to get copies of pics I had taken at JcP. I am hand making them so I hope they turn out ok. I know it's only his second bday, but I don't have much else to do and I love planning parties so this is the only thing to do, plan a big party.

I was going to do a theme, but he is into so much and it always seems to change (right now cars and trains) so I decided to just combine them both and use bright colors. I will buy a few happy Bday banners and red, blue, and yellow balloons. we are going to have a BBQ since most of the people coming are adults. Because we don't do anything he really has no friends to play with (need to work on that, but that is another post). I was thinking of getting a big tub adn filling it with ice and that will hold the drinks. We will proobably just have hamburgers, chips, etc.

The cake is simple, but cute. I will use blue, red and yellow on this also. OK I will make this cake or have someone do it for me, if I don't find something else instead before then. He will get the top piece for himself. And I think the words will say "You are 2" and I will have 2s all over the bottom.

Now the invitations are pretty cute and I hope they turn out. looked for an hour yesterday on the computer for ideas and it will look something like this. The picture on the front will be one of him playing with his trains. So again I hope the turn out OK.
So this is my ideas so far. Not much else going on here. We bought a new self propelled mower on Easter and I love it. It makes mowing so easy and quick. So hopefully when D gets home today we can mow a littel, weather permitting. Weird I actually am looking forward to mowing. Ok maybe not I just looked outside and it is raining. I guess i will work on the invites tonight instead maybe. Ok well my sister should be here soon to go help me look for the right paper for the invites so I will talk to you all later.

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